Each theme is designed to facilitate basic knowledge in the children – of shapes, colours, daily life and the five senses….




A range of different activities to support a harmonious development

of the body are proposed – dance,

gymnastics, relaxation and practice of fine motor skills…

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In order that the children develop their creativity and fine motor skills,

we offer numerous manual and artistic activities like painting, craft, collage, cutting, play-doh…

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Each child is stimulated to be at ease with oral expression and acquire language skills in French.

In our commune, we benefit from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities,

which also permits children enrolled at Les Pitchounets to be aware of and embrace that diversity.



The discovery of music is an integral part of a child’s overall development.

At Pictchounets, we stimulate a child’s musical awakening in a number of ways – through singing as a group together

each day and also by exploring instruments, sounds, and rhythms

along with listening and active games accompanied by music.



The Pitchounets has a beautiful garden in the Chambesy countryside. We organise numerous walks close by – to a local farm, to parks, and to the surrounding villages. We also go on nature trips to pick apples, and collect nuts…

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