We enjoy celebrating the various holidays and celebrations that occur throughout the year,

including the Geneva Escalade, Christmas, and Easter.


For the Escalade, a celebration unique to Geneva, children cut vegetables and make soup together.

We disguise ourselves, celebrate, and together crack the chocolate “Marmite.”

We invite parents, nannys and family to join us to share soup in the garden.

Children and parents can come disguised to enjoy this wonderful local tradition

and opportunity to get together.

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As the holiday season approaches, we dedicate a day to celebrating Christmas.

We propose a number of different activities – including a special morning or afternoon snack.

Each of the children gathers all of the crafts and decorations they have prepared

for the occasion during the month of December.

They also make a present for their parents.

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Cette fête printanière se prépare avec des bricolages, des décorations et des animations .

Nous marquons l’évènement avec une grande chasse aux œufs dans le jardin et un goûter festif.

We prepare for this Spring holiday with craft, decorations and activities.

We also mark the event with a big Easter Egg Hunt in the garden and a festive snack.

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