Group of Volunteer Parents

An informal group of parents – of both former and current students – keen to maintain their link with Pitchounets

organize a number of activities designed to bring families together and widen awareness of Pitchounets in the village. Pitchounets also counts on their availability to lend a hand with a number of its activities throughout the year.

Volunteers assist, for example, with activities such as the Autumn feast, Halloween,

the Escalade snack and parade, and Christmas craft workshops…

Other events in the commune include the ‘vente-echange’ – a second hand market of children’s clothes and toys.

The Group of Volunteers also organizes seasonal bricolage workshops outside Les Pitchouents.

If you are interest in being park of the group, you can send an email to:

Its always a happy, friendly and family-friendly moment to share.

Events and craft workshops organized by Pitchounets parents for children of pre-school age.